Al-Maaz Elevators & Electric Co.

1- Company Profile:

a- Regional Profile :

Founder of Al Maaz Elevators:

Mr. Ali A Maaz is a mechanical engineer studied and worked in Italy for more than 5 years. Upon return to Lebanon, in 1951, he was requested to to assemble 8 elevators in the palaces of the Royal family in Madina and Mecca, He work with Mr. Ben Laden (The father), and it was a successful relation. Upon his return to Lebanon, He founded Al-Maaz Elevators in 1960, and Since that time he is still the president, of a successful company for more than 41 years, doing the best in representing good foreign elevator agencies, in erection as well as maintenance. In the past 41 years the company has dramatic changes in developing it's own firm, and products, and we are still improving in order to keep our selves in competition with other top elevator companies in Lebanon.

b- Agencies represented by the company:

-CEN from NOVARA in Italy over 1200 units in Lebanon.

-DAKA from Schindler of Yugoslavia, over 2000 units in Lebanon-Saudi Arabia-UAE.

-SIDERON of Italy over 600 units in Lebanon.

-FUJI Elevators of Malaysia, recently 6 units are now being assembled in DEVELOPERS BUILDING in Jdeideh -Lebanon.

C-Dealers in Some Arab Countries:

Saudi Arabia:

- Mr. Abdul Ghani Hussien Ahmad, we had a successful business relation extended from 1970 to 1978, he represented our company for CHALLENGER elevators and escalators, more than 650 units were installed in Madina - Jeddah and Mecca.

- Mr. Haitami Ben Nahar, we had a successful relations extended from 1980 to 1983, as he used to buy complete units, and parts for elevators.

- Abou Salah Trading Company, in Madina, good relations extended from 1979 to 1985, as he used to buy complete units, and parts for elevators.

United Arab Emirates:

- Successful business in Abu-Dabi - Dubai, with Mr. Sanad El Koubaisy, From 1976 to 1985, under the name of SKY-LINE, more than 1100 units were sold and assembled.


Mr. Rashid Abdul Majid the owner of: Engineering and Technical Trading Co., started business in 1996, under the name SKYLINE, 66 units were sold, with parts for elevators used for maintenance.


Tower Elevator, Owned by Mr. Mohammed El Fagi, excellent business relations since 1995, we support him with controllers Push Buttons Guide Rails, Traction machines and some other parts.


Mr. Abdul Wahab Al Ashaby, Owner of NASICO, since 1998, good business relation, 25 units sold and erected in Sanaa, Eden, Taez, Houdeideh.

D-Company Structure:

President: ..........................Eng. Ali A. Maaz
General Manager: ................Eng. Amin A Maaz
Administrative Manager:........Mr. Hassan A Maaz
Development Dep. :............. 3 Engineers
Electric & Electronic Dept.:... 4 Employees
Accounting Department:....... 3 Employees
Computer Department:......... 2 Employees
Maintenance Department:... 12 Employees
Factory/Carpentry:............ 10 Employees
Store Shop:....................... 2 Employees
Erection Department:......... 15 Employees
Secretary:......................... 2 Employees

E-Financial Status:

Al Maaz Elevators is supported by two banks:

-Mediterranean Bank
-Audi Bank

The Parts that is produced in our factory in Lebanon are the following:

- Cars (Cabins):
- Controllers
- Car Frame
- Counter Weights
- Landing Push Buttons
- Emergency Landing Device
- Landing Doors.(Semi-Automatic Type)

The Parts that we can supply(Usually Imported From Europe) :

- Traction machines
- Guide Rails
- Complete Escalators
- Hydraulic Units for lifts
- Automatic Doors
- Semi Automatic Doors
- Speed Governors
- Electrical supplies
- Flat Cables
- Steel Cables

Future Business Target:

After studying the elevator and escalator business market in our region, and estimating the future speculation, we have seen that market is forwarded to business community rather than individual companies, playing a small roll in this big business. For that we are now at the end of a successful negotiation with a highly respected Saudi elevator Company , this Company is agent of Montgomry Elevator of the USA in Saudi Arabia.

Our target is to market these elevators in our region (Middle East Area), especially in the gulf region, and we assume if we work together in this business, your esteemed company will give a big support in the gulf region to achieve our target.

We will be ready for any further information requested from your good self. As for the price quotation requested from you , we will be great-full to receive it very soon with the catalogues of your products.

Looking forward receiving your reply soon.

Yours Faithfully
Eng. Amin A Maaz
G. Manager